torsdag 5 december 2013

TBFM Online played Madness of the Night´s Oppression

Madness of the Night´s song Oppressin where aired over TBFM Online.

Independence [THURS]DAY 5th December 2013 by Tbfm's Independence [Thurs]Day on Mixcloud

Today's bands and track listings...

Majesty - Son Of Anarchy
Rayne - Lost And Confused
Muted Screams - Broken Wheel
We Are The Catalyst - Tomorrow
Kang - One Life
Feral Sun - Breathe
The Hook-Line Riot - Declaration Of My Disconnection
Twisted Species - Hold Me Down
Daniel Trigger - Unbreakable
MOTORFINGER - Double Rainbow
Element - Whiskey Voodoo
Twisted State of Mind - Bury The Bitch
Twisted State of Mind - Reflections
Twisted State of Mind - I Will Be Gone
MADNESS OF THE NIGHT - Oppression (Remix)
Counterhold - Out For Dead
CRYSTAL BALL - Break Of Dawn
Schwarzer Engel - Psycho-Path (Album Version)
OUTRAGE - At The Abyss
Aeolist - II
LifeCry - Battleships

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