lördag 28 december 2013

Wrapped By Bats VOL1 - Free Edition

Madness of the Night can be found with two songs on a cd compilation, Wrapped By Bats, released by Gothic World Records.
The songs are Voices of the People and Oppression. Note, the mixes on this release by Madness of the Night are not the mixes from their record The Asgarda.

1. The Mescaline Babies - Sylicon Knives
2. Model Kaos - The More
3. Madness Of The Night - Voices Of The People
4. SunSin - Poutnik
5. Girl Loves Dead Boys - Black Crow
6. Violet Tears - Goodbye
7. Christine Plays Viola - Permutations
8. Luna Reign - Blood
9. Last July - Scars
10. Horror Vacui - I Like It When A Soldier Dies
11. The Stompcrash - Wake Up In A Grave
12. The Spiritual Bat - Thunderstorm
13. Escarlatina Obsessiva - Place In A Trance
14. Opened Paradise - Senseless
15. Date at Midnight - Vicious And Liar
16. La Metamorfosi - Goodbye
17. Haflinger Allergie - Medication
18. Oltretomba - Safe For Two
19. El Viejo Matadero - La Puta del Cementerio
20. 11 Desaparecidos - Feretro de Piel
21. Wieże Fabryk - Papieros
22. Coldwave - Life Changes
23. Getriebe Analogique - Limitless
24. Disjecta Membra - The Sleep

1. The Mescaline Babies - September's Breathe
2. Model Kaos - The Fire
3. Madness of The Night - Oppression
4. SunSin - Bràna
5. Girl Loves Dead Boys - On The Mourn You Turn
6. Violet Tears - Against The Light
7. Last July - Afraid of The Light
8. Horror Vacui - Desperate Adelia
9. Luna Reign - Black Light

måndag 23 december 2013

Gothic Rock Around The World V

Madness of the Night got their song We Are The Gothrocker´s And We Don´t Care on the cd compilation Gothic Rock Around The World V, released by Sombrati Records.


01 Madness Of The Night - We Are Gothrockers and We Don't Care [Sweden]
02 After Dusk - Revelations Of Rebirth [Greece]
03 Rose Inferni - Luna Sangrienta [Peru]
04 Ritual Reaper - Cold Evil (Megaton Aftermath) [Sweden]
05 The Council of Days - Methedrine (2013 Version) [United States]
06 Deus Vult - Lágrimas [Spain]
07 LisaWars - NYX [Germany]
08 Remain In Light - Salvation [Greece]
09 the Nightchild - The Madness Return [Ukraine]
10 Un-Muerto - Esta Noche [Mexico]
11 Electric Press Kit - Tout Ce Qui Détruit [France]
12 Carpatia Castle - Vampyre Requiem [Czech Republic]
13 Pazz Kluger - Slip Away [United States]
14 Last Dusk – Absence (Promo Version) [Costa Rica]
15 Horse and Hattock - Pale Sign [England]
16 Cold Remembrance - Everlasting [Greece]
17 Luna Reign - Death Euphoria [United Kingdom]
18 Cauda Pavonis - Saturnalia (Radio Edit) [United Kingdom]
19 Mils - Neon Life [France]
20 Cryogenica - Bruised and Broken [United Kingdom]
21 Soror Dolorosa - Motherland [France]
22 The House of the Last Lantern - Poison of Decay [Russia]

This record is free to download at:

söndag 22 december 2013

söndag 15 december 2013

REVIEW - Tribe-online.de

"In principle, almost every track on " Asgarda " a hit, a very good album , in which I would have been sad if I had missed it."


REVIEW: Nightshade

Not every song on Asgarda I like equally well, but overall the album moves at a high level and makes an old "Gothrocker" like me very much. So I can only hope that Madness Of The Night pursue their way consistently. What they deliver here definitely has a lot of potential!


fredag 13 december 2013

REVIEW: Disctopia.de (8/9)

"Most unusual is the mixture by singer Abir , which does not shrink style all its own with a part and to give their emotions sometimes in quite unusual sounds and shouts expression. You have to have heard to describe this is hard , but it fits really well and makes for a unique touch."


onsdag 11 december 2013

REVIEW: Terra Relicta (9/10)

A review at a webzine call Terra Relicta (9/10).

Such an oustanding mix of power, anger, passion, emotion and atmosphere like this album holds wasn't heard for a long time. The Asgarda is a journey that not only bewitches with its amazing music but also with a message that it holds. Not to mention one of the most captivating and powerful female vocal performances that I've had the opportunity to listen lately.


tisdag 10 december 2013

REVIEW: I Am Eternal Spectator (9/10)

Madness Of The Night - almost the only , unique case in this style for the first time in 10 years came out decent release . We will closely monitor the development of Madness Of The Night - because they have an enormous potential . 9/10


söndag 8 december 2013

New Facebook page

We making a move over Facebook. Please hit this link to the new Facebook and hit like. Thanks for the support!

lördag 7 december 2013

Winners of the contest

Photos from people who got our cd out from a contest Madness of the Night had over Facebook. First winner is from Greece.

Signed by Daniel Dante and Abir Blackshadow, the pick was used during the recording of The Asgarda album.

Daniel Dante´s old band Soulgrinder album Enter.

This photo is from another winner from England.

fredag 6 december 2013

REVIEW: FFM Rock - Madness of the Night´s album The Asgarda

"A full dose of gothic rock , I should say so! Start doing the Chose with " oppression " that makes a revel already at the first sounds in memories. Beautiful melodies , supported by a beautiful voice . Good access to the somber and depressive world of gothic rock . The following pieces but it is getting better. To include "The State Of Madness" , "We Are Gothrockers And We Do not Care ", " terror Room" and " Voices Of The People " one of my absolute favorite songs on "The Asgarda " . Who has fond memories of the good old days of the New Wave era , can safely access for this record !"

Read more!

Made in Metal published article about Madness of the Night

Made in Metal have published an article about Madness of the Night and posted two songs, Oppression from the album The Asgarda and She is the Demon (demo mix).

torsdag 5 december 2013

TBFM Online played Madness of the Night´s Oppression

Madness of the Night´s song Oppressin where aired over TBFM Online.

Independence [THURS]DAY 5th December 2013 by Tbfm's Independence [Thurs]Day on Mixcloud

Today's bands and track listings...

Majesty - Son Of Anarchy
Rayne - Lost And Confused
Muted Screams - Broken Wheel
We Are The Catalyst - Tomorrow
Kang - One Life
Feral Sun - Breathe
The Hook-Line Riot - Declaration Of My Disconnection
Twisted Species - Hold Me Down
Daniel Trigger - Unbreakable
MOTORFINGER - Double Rainbow
Element - Whiskey Voodoo
Twisted State of Mind - Bury The Bitch
Twisted State of Mind - Reflections
Twisted State of Mind - I Will Be Gone
MADNESS OF THE NIGHT - Oppression (Remix)
Counterhold - Out For Dead
CRYSTAL BALL - Break Of Dawn
Schwarzer Engel - Psycho-Path (Album Version)
OUTRAGE - At The Abyss
Aeolist - II
LifeCry - Battleships

REVIEW: Queen Of Steel (7/10)

Queen of Steel have reviewed Madness of the Night´s album The Asgarda.

A truly passionate voice in the style of ROSETTA STONE, SKELETAL FAMILY or X-MAL DEUTCHSLAND that brings melody and pure feeling in every word out of his mouth. A precise instrumentation that is characterized by soft guitars with catchy and very rapid rates , a tremendously dark and suffocating atmosphere , a heavy bass, keyboards and melodic and present a non- excessive use of samples.

All this is what you drink this " Asgarda " a work that will delight lovers sounds more Post Punk / Gothic Rock eighties .

onsdag 4 december 2013

REVIEW: Time For Metal (8/10)

The duo Daniel and Abir works well from the beginning . The Gothic , they have taken up the banner , they can press on a very individual touch. The amount of atmospheric and very Scandinavian sounds arise with the Lebanese Abir a contrast that does not hit itself, but like a magnet.

Read all review

tisdag 3 december 2013

REVIEW: Fourculture - Madness of the Night "The Asgarda"

Fourculture.com have published a very nice review of Madness of the Night´s album The Asgarda.

However, it’s not all Goth Metal or Goth Rock! “Jephania” or even “She is the Demon” are more or less piano based songs with a true darkness at their heart following haunting melodies and almost operatic vocals. Add to that the slow drive of “Oppression” and the epic seven and a half minutes of “Stand Up” which is not only well written and powerful in its delivery but also a very passionate, dark track – which for us is a song deserving of its length – and you have an album which delivers at every turn within the songs and within every song change.

Erba Della Strega - Madness of the Night

The italian zine Erba Della Strega wrote about Madness of the Night´s album The Asgarda.

The group, formed by Abir (lyrics) and former Soulgrinder Daniel (music), offers a solid gothic rock hinged on the scratchy voice of the singer Abir Middle East, exemplary union between the vocal timbre of Susan Diavollo (Moonchild), Eveghost (C.vs.W.) and Ofra Hasa. "The Asgarda" with his lyrics and his melodies are committed impact, is available from November 29th.

måndag 2 december 2013

REVIEW: Bleeding4metal.de (7/10)

A review in the german zine Bleeding4metal.de (7/10).

"The sound seemed at first a little dirty before , but now I am convinced that this is a desired effect. In any case fits the feeling thus produced , that reminds me of early songs away from SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES , pretty well to the music of two Swedes."

"With the strong "The Asgarda " in the back, it should Daniel and Abir in any case not have a hard time to establish itself."