torsdag 28 november 2013 Review - "The Asgarda"

Massacre Records (2013)

Musical companions and married in real life, this Swedish duo Madness of the Night reveal on their debut album “The Asgarda” a love for gothic, dark wave rock in addition to metal leanings. Abir Blackshadow handles the vocals while Daniel Dante is responsible for all the music. Different would be the best way to describe material like “The State of Madness” and “Voice of the People”. Abir’s voice is dark, gothic, and slightly nu-wave: Grace Jones and Terri Nunn come to mind if thrown into a blender with Robert Smith. Musically I hear elements of U2, Sisters of Mercy, and The Cult - cultural riffs and hooks come into the forefront, producing plenty of dance-oriented movements.

I know plenty who can get into this style of an album: those who live for the grey matter in a world that attempts to be so black and white. “The Asgarda” speaks to the disenchanted people seeking salvation through a musical soundtrack that channels stress, shame, and negativity into better horizons.

Rating: 4 / 6

Composed by Matt Coe

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