fredag 24 augusti 2012

Review Madness of the Night

Lyrically kinda, well, kinda pathetic—“Shittalk! Bulltalk!/Do you think we care” is the opening salvo. But on its own Goth terms it’s irresistible. Entirely within its genre. And although its beats and its rhythms lie far far closer to bands from the early 80s British New Wave (relying, if unawaredly so, on Adam Ant’s “Desperate but not Serious”), it doesn’t matter. Singer Abir Lillman has an almost ethereal voice, and one without all the Goth or Death Metal histrionics (like going up and down the scales at ear-piercing volume). She sings beautifully, at times orchestrating her voice like a human Theremin. Beirut-born and raised in a strict Arabic home, Lillman was apparently an atheist and feminist from early on, and music, particularly hardcore music, seems to have offered her solace if not outright salvation. And after her future husband and now musical partner Daniel Lillman helped relocate her to Sweden, she seems to have fully embraced everything Go th offers. Its music, its lifestyle, its aggressiveness and assertiveness, its independence, its fashion, its visceral release. And lest you think that’s merely armchair psychoanalysis I’m dispensing—it’s there in the Lillmans’ music. It’s in this song. It’s in what in anyone else’s hands would have been considered a silly song, a joke. But “We Are Gothrockers” is anything but silly. The music’s solid and catchy and hard and pounding. And Lillman sings with abandon. Her release is practically palpable. It has all the power of the most heartfelt ghazal—the form of Arabic verse that’s a poetic expression of the pain of loss and the beauty of love that can come from that pain.

Review by Devon Jackson

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