tisdag 25 december 2012

IndeProducer Featured Artist 11: Abir From Madness of the Night

Our newest Featured artist comes from Sweden. IndeProducer.com has had an opportunity to interview some very talented artists, musicians, producers, and DJ's. We are excited to have the opportunity to interview a very talented writer and singer "Abir". With strong vocals and lyrics from the heart, Abir does not disappoint when it comes to music. However, some lyrics can be viewed as controversial, as she will touch on political and social issues that are addressed in her platform as a musician. To get a better understanding, we asked Abir why she chooses to include some if this content in her music:


måndag 24 december 2012

Review: rock-regeneration.co.uk

We are putting out stockings, wrapping pressies away from the eyes of prying kids, and being on the South Coast piling up the sandbags.

But we are made of hearty stuff, and are therefore listening to a little Goth Rock to help bring in the cheer! (well I am)


torsdag 13 december 2012

Friday Night Show 30th November 2012

Madness of the Night was aired on Friday Night Show 30th of November 2012.

The Friday Night Show on 93.7 Express FM is hosted by Paul Marsh, and is on EVERY Friday from 7 - 9pm. Playing the best in Indie, Rock, Urban, Dance & everything in-between, it's the ONLY way to kick start your weekend!

tisdag 11 december 2012

Scandalous: Goth Rockers with a message

Madness of the Night, a goth-rock band who have something important to say. The message in their music is progressive, for the common person struggling under oppressive political and religious systems. It’s actually a theme found quite often in goth culture but this band just might bring their brand of it to the mainstream.


fredag 7 december 2012

Global Rockstar

Madness of the Night´s song The State of Madness got about 3500 views on Global Rockstar. That means, at the moment MOTN is ranked as number 4 on their alternative list.

tisdag 27 november 2012

Den Rockande Kocken

Den Rockande Kocken, (The Rocking Chef) one of the biggest music- blogs in Sweden published Madness of the "Night´s song We Are The Gothrocker´s And We Don´t Care..."

torsdag 8 november 2012

Visit Madness of the Night on Facebook

Tonight Madness of the Night have uploaded a new song over Facebook you can listen to. It will probably only be there for 24 hours and then deleted.

söndag 4 november 2012

Enferatu Promotions presents - Madness of the Night

Madness of the Night was indeed the first to contact us about their listening to their music. After listening, we looked at one another and said: "There are some really talented people out there. And the world needs to know about them." On the spot we began conceiving the idea to showcase artists. At that moment we decided to change our strategy from promoting our two bands, Hewn and Enferatu, to promoting those with actual talent. Without exaggeration, Madness of the Night was the inspiration behind everything we now do.


fredag 2 november 2012

Free download Voices of the People MCD

Official digital release of Voices of the People EP @ the direct link. Grab your copy & download. The file will be deleted in some weeks.


All the threesome songs will be included in the official coming CD release of Madness of the Night distrubuted by Massacre Records after several months.

onsdag 24 oktober 2012


Madness of the Night have now reopen their Facebook page. Go an hit a Like, and you will get news direct to you.

fredag 7 september 2012


Madness of the Night is a Goth Rock band out of Sweden. While considered “goth” Madness of the Night have such well written songs that a wide array of listeners can find something about this band they enjoy. Their music delivers a message of tolerance and diversity which is eminently displayed on their debut EP Voices of the People. You’ll hear 3 tracks from this EP today on the show, and check out the full EP on their Reverbnation page.


fredag 24 augusti 2012

Review Madness of the Night

Lyrically kinda, well, kinda pathetic—“Shittalk! Bulltalk!/Do you think we care” is the opening salvo. But on its own Goth terms it’s irresistible. Entirely within its genre. And although its beats and its rhythms lie far far closer to bands from the early 80s British New Wave (relying, if unawaredly so, on Adam Ant’s “Desperate but not Serious”), it doesn’t matter. Singer Abir Lillman has an almost ethereal voice, and one without all the Goth or Death Metal histrionics (like going up and down the scales at ear-piercing volume). She sings beautifully, at times orchestrating her voice like a human Theremin. Beirut-born and raised in a strict Arabic home, Lillman was apparently an atheist and feminist from early on, and music, particularly hardcore music, seems to have offered her solace if not outright salvation. And after her future husband and now musical partner Daniel Lillman helped relocate her to Sweden, she seems to have fully embraced everything Go th offers. Its music, its lifestyle, its aggressiveness and assertiveness, its independence, its fashion, its visceral release. And lest you think that’s merely armchair psychoanalysis I’m dispensing—it’s there in the Lillmans’ music. It’s in this song. It’s in what in anyone else’s hands would have been considered a silly song, a joke. But “We Are Gothrockers” is anything but silly. The music’s solid and catchy and hard and pounding. And Lillman sings with abandon. Her release is practically palpable. It has all the power of the most heartfelt ghazal—the form of Arabic verse that’s a poetic expression of the pain of loss and the beauty of love that can come from that pain.

Review by Devon Jackson

tisdag 21 augusti 2012

Review: Sweden’s ‘Madness Of The Night’ Release New EP

News Editor - Feargal Daly | 21.08.12
Sweden’s own genre-defying band Madness Of The Night have released their debut EP ‘Voices of the People’.

Having formed just this year, Madness Of The Night sees the alternative band resist specific genre categorisation blending rock, punk, goth and more throughout their music. In doing so, Madness Of The Night instantly set themselves apart from the crowd.

This well produced EP manages to be unique in style and sound, while resisting any off-putting clichés and pitfalls that so many bands attempting this style fall into. Its accessibility will stand for the band and across the three tracks – ‘Voices of the People’, ‘We are the Gothrockers and We Don't Care’ & ‘State of Madness’.

The band has also been met with acclaim across Scandinavia and Russia with radio and TV airtime gathering a small legion of fans surely set to grow. Of course being featured here on MRU is also another accolade the band can add to their list!

Still not convinced about Madness Of The Night? Check out their music below and listen for yourself!


onsdag 1 augusti 2012

Madness of the Night on Nightbreed radio

Madness of the Night´s song Voices of the People are featured on Voe Saint-Clare´s show Gloom Cookies over Nightbreed radio. It is a new song and not published on the net...

måndag 25 juni 2012

Madness of the Night - Jävla Zigenare

 Madness of the Night is a swedish gothband.

This is a song against racism of Finnish Gypsies in Sweden.


Hello Sir i did not put the chicken under my skirt
Not your bloody damn mouth of shit and dirt
Chicken under the skirt
Arent we the outsiders
You say our culture of theives
Our criminal achieve
You call us
Jävla Zigenare
Jävla Zigenare

We enter malls
Jävla Zigenare
The police calls
Jävla Zigenare
Society calls
Jävla Zigenare

No lands or flag can define us
Gypsies on therun
We sum we sum

We enter mails
Jävla Zigenare
The police calls
Jävla Zigenare
Society calls
 Jävla Zigenare

måndag 4 juni 2012

Madness of the Night - The State of Madness

In the Memory of Alem Dechasa, The state of Madness is dedicated to her. Alem was a house maid and committed suicide after she was beaten and abused on the streets of Beirut by recruiting maid agency. Alem was taken to a hospital, then she was found dead in the morning. They claim she was mad, still the abuse she suffered or her abusers are free on the streets. Every week another domestic worker (house maid) commits suicide or killed in unknown reason. This slavery continues until now in Lebanon.

Madness of the Night - We are the gothrockers and we don´t care

måndag 20 februari 2012

tisdag 17 januari 2012


We bought the domain-name madnessofthenight.com I guess we have some work to do to create something nice of it...

söndag 15 januari 2012

Madness of the Night - Release: 2012-01-14

Madness of the Night - Daniel featuring Abir
Release date: 2012-01-14

Madness of the Night - Mesraheyat Alhayat

First release from Madness of the Night, Mesraheyat Alhayat by Abir Lillman, music - Daniel Lillman.
This is a new project to influence the arabic music with some gothic influence.

English subtitles

What is childhood
What is manhood
What is fertility
This is the theatre of life
This is the last second of farewell
Is life really worth it
Is life really worth it
The mask, the mask, fall
The theatre of life, the theatre of life

Did you die before me
Is it my turn now
Is this my fate

This is the theatre of life
This is the last second of farewell
Is life really worth it
Is life really worth the pain
The mask, the mask, fall
The theatre of life, the theatre of life

I'am death
I'am the mask
I'am the death
I'am the mask mask mask

The mask, the mask, fall
The theatre of life, the theatre of life

First post...

Welcome to the Madness of the Night. A swedish gothband. Members Daniel Dante and Abir Blackshadow.